‘a thinking woman sleeps with monsters’

-Adrienne Rich

I tend to focus on quotes that jump out at me from the ‘pages’ of my kindle, or worn Shakespeare tomes. If I were to have an iconic selection of words inked on my body (besides the blog’s namesake), Megan Fox’s infamous tattoo has always intrigued me. A Hollywood nod to Shakespeare and pretty italics to match the ‘gilded butterflies’ on her shoulder.


Perhaps I’d choose that font style to have Rich’s words inked on my own skin, somewhere I could hide them under a suit.

Whether I’m attracted to Rich’s words as a consequence of years of stringent all-girls education (where dressing as a suffragette for Halloween was deemed most delightful), or consider myself scholarly even without the iconic spectacles the St. Trinians Posh Totties assumed fully necessary to qualify for a thinking cap, is yet to be determined.


Either way, you can trail my day-to-day musings, as I capture the mind-blowing thoughts that breeze through my mind at 1am (in between sheep practicing hurdles using white picket derby fences) so as not to forget.
Luckily, I’ve also checked under the bed and concluded that the only monster with whom I’m sharing my space, is a very furry man-cat (Marco).